HONOR your spirit,

CLARIFY your vision,

ALIGN with your self. 


Trusting your intuition helps you uncover a sense of clarity and insight. It helps you experience a sense of authenticity and connection. Our time together will help you re-kindle your relationship to your inner self (which is often abandoned after experiencing trauma). Listening to your inner voice can be challenging. I will guide you through visualizations, art-making, rituals, and evidence-based exercises to help you integrate your intuition as your utmost guide. 

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Unlocking Self-Knowledge

The creative process awakens your senses and feeds a drive within each of us. Ideally, this work will lead you to feel inspired, connected, free, and alive. Creativity is central to our human nature. The ritual of making allows us to express our creative self and uncover powerful insights. Using creativity after traumatic experiences can help you explore memories stored in fragments or physical sensations.

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Integrating Insight

Trauma makes us doubt ourselves. I help you challenge the negative messages and nurture your intuitive truth. My approach honors your mind, body, and spirit as vital to parts of a whole. Success means you feel free to listen to your intuition and explore the integration thoughts, beliefs, sensations, and experiences.  I want to see you find meaning in the journey to your dream relationship, creative practice, or career. You can feel powerful, loveable, connected, and deserving.

Whether you are processing trauma, smothered by self-limiting beliefs, or feeling afraid, shameful, or disappointed, it’s time to prioritize your healing. You have a significant contribution to make and have been called to make changes in your life. Let’s honor this call.

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Creating Space for The Self

Most of us find it difficult allow ourselves to take a minute from our busy lives to look inward. The pace of our culture stifles contemplation and ritual. It keeps us feeling imbalanced and rushed. Therapy inspires a broadened perspective and an openness to blissful experiences. I want you to complete therapy with a toolbox of skills to create a more contemplative and intuitive lifestyle free of many of the traumatic symptoms or triggers you might be currently dealing with.

Therapy can be supportive, empowering, challenging, inspiring, and transformative as you honor your dreams. Success means you’re able to explore your power to change your life by trusting yourself again after a traumatic situation.  Your intuition can guide you toward life circumstances that meet your needs. You can feel a sense of fulfillment in your day-to-day. Let me walk beside you in your journey inward. Everything we uncover is within you; our work together will make it come alive.