Counseling, Art Therapy, & EMDR Therapy

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What if you felt free to honor your intuition & live your purpose?

I miss having dreams and desires in my life.

I wish I could trust my intuition.

I know that my feelings of fear, grief, scarcity, or shame keep me from feeling alive.

I long to be empowered and to have healthy relationships, a career that feeds my soul, and feel like I’m not being held back by anxieties...

If these statements resonate with you, you're not alone. You don’t have to feel stuck in a negative cycle; therapy can help. Many of my clients arrive feeling stifled and lost.  They want a life that feels vital and fulfilling, but they don’t know how to begin. Let me help you challenge the voice that says you can’t live up to your purpose. You deserve a life worth dreaming of.

Society’s messaging tells us we are incapable, lacking worth, and insignificant. Shame caused by these messages silences what we know to be true about ourselves. So we stop trusting our intuition. When we disconnect from our inner guidance, we lose our sense of purpose and our feeling of authenticity. 

Allowing yourself freedom to dream and time to connect with your intuition can help you through obstacles. There’s a part of you that knows you can reignite your sense of purpose. Therapy can free you to make changes in a way that feels right. You’ve been holding on to fear and negative messages. It’s time to let go. Reach out below or via the contact page.