Journey Inward Psychotherapy


Art Therapy

Creativity helps us tap into one of the core experiences of being human, connecting us to our own visual language. When this work is done with a sense of respect and ritual, it encourages transformative experiences. I carefully choose materials and prepare a space physically and metaphorically. Afterward, we verbally process the art-making experience. The depth of information that can be revealed during the processing allows us to make surprising discoveries!

Although the video below is not from my practice, I think it provides a great overview of what might go on in art therapy.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a type of therapy that can help you heal from symptoms of traumatic stress and emotional pain resulting from challenging life experiences. Anyone who has noticed a bruise fade or a cut scab can acknowledge the body has a deep and sometimes mysterious capacity to heal itself from injury. However, we often forget the impressive healing power of our minds. EMDR is guided by a theory that recognizes the mind can heal itself as the body does. This type of therapy has been widely studied and, under the right circumstances, demonstrates remarkable efficacy.

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Clinical Counseling

I am passionate about working with my clients to enhance the quality of their lives. As a counselor, I believe we can address your self-limiting beliefs and work on building a self-concept that supports your growth. Your journey back into yourself doesn't have to be one you make alone. Let’s honor your mind, body, and spirit by practicing healing that engages your intuition and allows you to enter a new space of knowing.




Intuitive Collage

Anyone whose been in art therapy with me most likely has a memory or two of me asking them to create a collage.
Collage makes the experience of relating to images feel more tangible, more accessible. This media is ideal for self-discovery because it asks the creator to use pictures that they have on hand, but to look at them with a new perspective- a perspective of potential. Collage asks the maker to take these images and relate them back to their story. It invites the intuitive seeking and finding of fitting imagery. Collage is a wonderful method to aid you in receiving and processing intuitive images.

Workshops available upon request. I work with businesses, groups, individuals, and others for self-care, self-exploration, add psychoeducation. Creative applications are welcome. Please contact me with a brief description of your needs and desired booking dates and times,.


Self-care for Lightworkers

Self-care for Lightworkers is a monthly art-making group (non-therapeutic) that is open to women employed in the mental health, massage, or energy work fields. It is an unstructured group that asks participants to explore the process of making rather than the product, share creativity, support one another, and gather for self-care. Participants are asked to bring and share art materials such as magazines, paper, paint, glue, and found objects. Please reach out for more information.